I love designing experiences. Each step of the research process helps to give insight into how the product can be improved, by eliminating pain points or usability issues before the product is delivered. It’s these insights that can make a successful product and it’s the part of the design journey that I enjoy the most.


Some of my more recent work includes the following websites:



You can learn more about the approach I took on a few websites featured below.

Undergrad Admissions Homepage
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Design. It’s something I’ve loved doing ever since I was little. I love the challenge of solving problems and being able to communicate those solutions visually. I have been doing design for over 12 years, and have worked on everything from small informational sites to large retail e-commerce departments.

When I work, I try to empathize with those who are interacting with my designs. By conducting research and user testing, I am able to gain insight into who my users are and how they are interacting with the current design. From there I conceptualize and create designs that focus on providing an easily understood navigational structure and visual interface.

Design isn’t just what I do for a job. It’s part of my makeup. Most of my free time is spent by immersing myself in creating textiles, and photography. I get inspiration from other designers, nature, and my everyday surroundings.

For fun, I love camping with my husband and dogs and finding new places to explore. One of my passions is working with shelter animals, and I actively volunteer and fundraise for the local animal shelter where we adopted our dogs.

Interested in seeing more of my work? Just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide you with more samples or links to projects I’ve worked on.

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